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Every medical service provider in the USA has the responsibility to submit and follow up on insurance claims so that payment can be received in regards to services rendered. This interaction occurs between the provider and the insurance company (payer). For most insurance companies, regardless of whether they are private companies or government-sponsored programs, the same process applies. All of these interactions are quite often referred to as the billing cycle or revenue cycle management(RCM).

Revenue Cycle Management

Revenue Cycle Management (RCM) is the process of arranging and managing the financial transactions of medical encounters or events between a patient and a healthcare provider, facility, or supplier. The transactions include, without patient registration, insurance verification, payment posting, denial management, billing, collections, payer contracting, provider enrollment, coding, data analytics, management, and compliance, etc.

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It takes several steps for a healthcare organization to generate revenue. A medical provider submits their patient documentation to their RCM vendor or in-house staff, who then code the charts in accordance with ICD-10 CM. From there, the claims are submitted, posted, and finally adjudicated by the payer.  Virtual Healthcare helps you with all the steps of RCM and performs them with conviction. We make sure that only expert, certified, and experienced professionals work on your medical billing tasks.  Our solutions are available 24*7 and we are always welcoming towards your queries and questions. Once we are on board, you  can say no  to stress related to your revenue cycle and  focus on  care wholeheartedly

Virtual Healthcare RCM Solutions

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. As a healthcare services organization, we strive to be the most innovative company in the world based on our values. We assist our clients in achieving financial success while they continue to focus on providing excellent patient care. As a team, our values guide our work with clients and each other and drive us to innovate continuously in order to better serve our clients.


Assisting you with issues that can keep your financial health in good condition continuously and ensure that errors disappear totally from the processes is the aim of our strategy. We focus on covering all spectrums of medical billing and root out issues as quickly as possible. Moreover, we cover most of the specialties, clinics, surgeons, medical labs, and surgeons.


Investing in our solutions will put your business on a path to profitability, as previously stated. Furthermore, we aim to establish long-lasting relationships with you by reducing our charges, expanding our solutions, and working with you according to your business goals with the passing of time.

What Our Clients Says

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“I have had a great experience with Virtual Healthcare. It has been a pleasure to work with them in the past. My practice  never had problems with them.””

Jim Sinclair

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“Kudos to the Virtual Healthcare team as my practice denial came down to 2%. Without hesitation, I would recommend Virtual Healthcare to other practices.”

Robert Williams

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“ Transparent and effective medical billing and RCM solutions with 100 %transparency”

Stacy Benjamin

Overview Of Our Medical Billing Solutions

Virtual Healthcare offers a comprehensive set of solutions for medical biling and revenue cycle management.  Our set  of solutions covers every aspect that you might need help with like  credentialing, payment posting, accurate medical billing,  charge entry,

With an emphasis on earning revenue for our clients, Virtual healthcare is one of the top medical billing companies in the USA. For medical billing and reimbursement, our solutions include medical coding, hospital billing, A/R management, denials management, and much more. With our experience in medical billing and our ability to adapt to modern technology, we bring digital capabilities to medical billing. Medical billing compliance standards and requirements are ever-changing, so our solutions are always up-to-date. We continually train our medical billing team members to minimize errors. Additionally, business insights and analysis help maximize revenue. Overall, Virtual Healthcare is certainly a top Medical billing company in USA that enables medical practices, and organizations to achieve better patient outcomes and revenue cycle management.

Virtual Healthcare values creativity and independent working. This is why we maintain a joyful, free, and harmonious atmosphere at our office where if any professional feels tired, bored, or simply not feeling like working has the liberty to play games and have fun with colleagues. Fun at work is a positive energy that makes our employees even more productive and energetic.

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