DME/HME Billing Service

The term durable medical equipment (DME) refers to items that are needed to support medical needs. Typically, health insurers such as Medicare refer to these as DME benefits and they are needed if doctors say they are absolutely necessary. Some of the examples of DME billing are ambulatory aids, special hospital beds, walking sticks,  oxygen tanks, wheelchairs, special commodes, and compressors, etc

Even though the item is classified as DME, providing such items falls under HME billing, given that they are essentially home medical equipment services. HME biling services need to pay lots of attention during the claim process since one error can result in denial.
    Our company provides billing services for durable medical equipment & home medical equipment throughout the United States. With our proven working methodology, our billing experts analyze and determine the possibility of increasing your revenue. We customize our services based on every client's requirements. Using our workflow, we make sure you have consistent cash flow and lower your costs.

    It is imperative to adhere to a strict quality monitoring framework when billing DME claims. Regulations regarding DME billing requirements are constantly changing, which necessitates upskilling for coding. To ensure accurate DME billing submissions, our experts stay on top of changing requirements. In addition, they help you document your practices in accordance with Medicare and Medicaid guidelines. Streamlining our practice has helped our clients submit clean claims on the first try in 97% of cases

    In-depth knowledge of DME billing guidelines is crucial to providing accurate DME billing services. Virta Health Care is staffed with experienced professionals who understand the complications associated with filing DME claims. By tapping into their extensive experience, we streamline the DME billing process, ensuring maximum reimbursements in the shortest time frame possible.

Overview of how we bill DMEs/HMEs

Prompt documentation We collect invoices and other critical transaction documents for analysis. Documentation is made to clearly establish the medical necessity of a particular equipment. Our HME billing and consulting services never miss any detail.
Verification of insurance coverage We check with insurance carriers for coverage of DME needs for patients. The process occurs before patients receive their DME devices.
Correct Code Entry We ‘incorporate the appropriate HCPCS Level II codes into billing DME claims. Our billing experts review equipment codes for accuracy and provide the necessary paperwork to insurers.
Follow-up on Claims As part of our efforts to provide full proof processes, we continuously verify the status of claims reimbursements with insurers and make sure they are paid on time.

To build and operate a successful practice, physicians spend several years developing the necessary skills. Your practice also involves several operational and admin tasks such as managing appointment scheduling, billing, insurance filing, accounts payable, and managing healthcare professionals. Juggling both quality care and business needs can be a real challenge. The change in revenue cycle management (RCM) policies also hurt physicians in this financial crisis. Doctors especially have difficulty aligning their financial policies. Consequently, independent physicians and medical groups outsource physician billing services to experienced billing companies.

The expert billing services provided by Virtual Healthcare Services ensure greater accuracy in your practice management. As part of our services, we may also assist with efficiently submitting medical claims, managing accounts receivable, and collecting hard-to-collect payer reimbursements. Through our services, you can improve your practice’s medical coding, contracts management, insurance follow-ups, compliance, denial recovery, and reporting, in addition to helping you manage your accounts receivables.