Physicians specializing in psychiatry devote their careers to mental health and its associated mental and physical outcomes. Understanding the connections between genetics, emotion, and mental illness, is important while psychiatrists also conduct medical laboratory and psychological tests to diagnose and treat patients. Our subspecialities in psychiatry includes:


  • Addiction psychiatry- The doctors in this field work with patients to determine the reasons for the development of their drug or alcohol addiction. If there is a need, they can prescribe medication to control withdrawal symptoms and treat underlying or coexisting psychiatric disorders.
  • Child and adolescent psychiatry- Doctors under this field advocate for the mental health, educational and care needs of young people as well as the prevention of disorder and distress and promotion of emotional well- being.
  • Community psychiatry- Doctors under this field continue to manage your treatment or they may refer you to other community mental health services in your area. These services work in small units or clinics and aim to help people manage their illness so they can lead a normal life within the community.
  • Emergency psychiatry- It refers to the clinical application of psychiatry in emergency settings. Conditions requiring psychiatric interventions may include attempted suicide, substance abuse, depression, psychosis, violence or other rapid changes in behavior.


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